It is a space to experience the body and disconnect the mind. To feel, not to think. To question, often without finding answers, but with new perspectives. We enter Yubarta to begin a transformation. Only those who make an experience in Yubarta can understand the depth of the proposal; and only those who are not afraid to delve into themselves will be able to experience the transformation. 

Considered the true heart of the island, it is offered as an exciting additional complement to the all-inclusive offer. Yubarta is an elevated experience for personal growth and discovery. It invites guests to cross over into a new dimension of growth and awareness. Located in the tropical gardens, beyond this mysterious portal there are workshops dedicated to personal creativity as a way of connecting with our talents and with the present moment, as well as a temple for meditation with luxurious open areas and an innovative spa in the middle of the jungle that promotes union with the natural environment. Includes: An exclusive lobby, cenote, 2 guided activity rooms (max. 25 people), meditation room (max. 8 people), scenic circuit, Yubarta store and nutrition studio.  



“Humpback Whale”

The space was named in honor of the whale that was found there and its passage along the shores of the island. In addition, as seen from the sky, the land surface of Cayo Levantado is shaped like a whale. Whales are spirit guides of the highest spiritual consciousness. They are the guardians of the ancestral wisdom of the land.

Since water is its medium, the whale links us directly to intuition and to the root of our emotions. To find out your own truth and purpose, you just have to connect with the silence. Meditate and listen to your heart to begin to understand. Its guidance marks the beginning of spiritual awakening. 

Inside the whale is where the traveler finds peace. Nico Apelt is the creator of this cetacean-shaped space dedicated to and for the spirit called Yubarta. The Yubarta team will help you cultivate and develop your inner self, with the most varied meditation techniques, such as the one performed through sounds; with aquatic exercises that work on your confidence, in cenotes prepared for this purpose; as well as with shamanic cures. The star activity: ice water bathing. 



Its hexagonal (6-sided) design represents consciousness. Many spaces within Yubarta are built according to this format (6-sided - hexagon). The palapas have 2 types of roof finishes: Conical or Pyramidal. The presence of these structures represents the sacred geometrics, the golden ratio and the symbolization of the "spiral consciousness" that ends at the apex of their roofs. 

For those who need empirical proof of our therapies, we developed a laboratory with different stations in which the efficacy of the experiences offered at Yubarta will be (scientifically) proven. 




Cayo Levantado Resort will feature Yubarta, an elevated experience for personal growth and discovery where guests can experience a new dimension of growth and awarenessYubarta will have an exclusive lobby, a cenote, 2 guided activity rooms, a meditation room, a scenic circuit, a nutrition studio and a Yubarta store. 

Yubarta’s gates

When we cross these gates into Yubarta we enter a wonderful dimension brimming with connections: with the natural environment, with the present moment and with ourselves.

At Cayo Levantado Resort we seek to offer guests a getaway that fosters a level of personal development beyond a relaxing vacation to become a journey of (self-)discovery. We are honored to be the guides of this fascinating adventure, which takes the idea of wellness to a higher level.  

The YUBARTA experience is a whole new dimension in terms of growth and awakening of consciousness. Located in the tropical heart of the island, it offers workshops that encourage personal creativity, a meditation temple with luxurious open areas, training spaces, and an innovative spa in the middle of the jungle aimed at fostering unity with the natural environment. ​ 

Wellness Paths


Revitalizes the body. Through innovative solutions seamlessly integrated into purposeful fitness training programs and therapies, the Restore pathway offers optimal recovery.  


Stress relief. All activities encourage a deceleration of the body and promote peace of mind. A combination of relaxation and mindfulness, recovery of the nervous and muscular systems, heat therapies and massages make the Relax pathway the choice for all guests who wish to heighten their sense of tranquility.  


Restores balance. A cleansing and transformational journey designed to eliminate limitations and release stagnant energy and feelings. The emphasis of this path is on spiritual growth. The Renew pathway is Ideal for all those who wish to delve deeper into spiritual exploration.  


Reactivates the body. A specially designed program that includes high-intensity activities and various metabolic workouts, making the Refresh pathway perfect for anyone who wants to energize and feel full of life.  




How to get to Yubarta


1- Through the "paths" (for a fee). Guests can purchase any of the 3-, 5- and 7-day programs. 

2- Through the "guided paths". Every week there will be a guided tour of Yubarta in which guests will be introduced to this therapeutic space. 

3- Through the "all inclusive” activities. Activities in the all-inclusive program that take place daily in the public areas. 

4- Through "on-demand" payments (for a fee). Purchase a specific activity offered by Yubarta. 

Personalization is at the core of the Yubarta experience. The activities and programs are adapted to each guest according to their physical condition and previous training in mindfulness practices in order to maximize this beautiful opportunity for development and evolution. 

Mindfulness is very much present in Yubarta. We have created an atmosphere that fosters that connection with our inner rhythm supported by a versatile meditation program in its many forms. ​