Located in a place like no other, a small and picturesque island of the same name, Cayo Levantado, just 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Samaná Bay, in the Dominican Republic. 

At Cayo Levantado Resort, you will find a deep and authentically Dominican experience: local culture and lifestyle, sustainability, and holistic well-being have inspired the creation of this new, all-inclusive five-star luxury resort, as well as its top-notch services and gastronomy. Everything here operates like a well-oiled machine, aimed at turning your vacation experience into an unforgettable personal journey of wellness and transformation. 

Natural rhythm. Cultural rhythm. Inner rhythm. At Cayo Levantado Resort, everything operates in a mysterious and perfect manner, elevating each stay to a memorable and indelible experience, designed to the rhythm of each guest, so they can discover that long-awaited, delightful, and exceptional hidden rhythm. The hidden rhythm of the Dominican Republic. This hidden rhythm is available to all who dare to listen, based on three pillars of sustainability: local culture, the environment, and wellness. Each one making music at its own pace, which has served as inspiration for every corner of this renaissance, crafted by Dominican hands that made it even more special, along with its extraordinary facilities and cuisine. A splendid hotel with an innovative concept where emotional well-being and hedonism go hand in hand. 




Immerse yourself in a world of well-being 

Experiencing Cayo Levantado Resort means discovering your own inner rhythm. Well-being on the island is a holistic integration of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects, aiming to invigorate the body, calm the mind, and nourish the soul. Designed with four pathways to well-being that create a perfectly tailored atmosphere for REFRESH (revitalizing), RESTORE (restoring balance), RELAX (easing tension), and RENEW (renewing energy), this well-being area is not just an idyllic setting, but a state of mind. 

A unique immersion in an area that includes a pool, the slow-food restaurant Santa Yuca, a spa, a beauty salon, a gym, an outdoor fitness area called the Outdoor Box, and a personal training studio. A trained and expert-certified team combines exercise, meditation, activities, and nutrition to guide guests towards a vital rhythm that harmonizes with the perfect pace of the natural surroundings. An area equipped with everything needed to immerse oneself in a world of well-being and elevate the experience by exploring our four wellness programs and itineraries. 

High-performance workouts, Pilates sessions, or targeted body exercises – you can practice any sports routine you desire. Simply engage with the professionals at Cayo Levantado Resort, and they will assist you in achieving your set goals. Our experts will strive to challenge guests right from day one to push their boundaries, whether they are training on the beach or in the studio. 



Your assigned trainer will make you break a sweat, but when you finish your workout, a chilled towel will be waiting for you, signaling that the training session is over. 

Cultivating inner rhythm in the Cayo Levantado Resort experience offers an intense and meaningful connection with the environment, those who accompany us, and, above all, with ourselves. The pace and purpose of each activity are designed to promote the deepest personal well-being: mind, body, and spirit. Only through meticulous attention to detail, subtle listening, and an intuitive and generous team can we offer the ultimate luxury: facilitating self-discovery and connection with oneself. The most valued and healing rhythm. 



Pathways to Well-being 

The wellness journey at Cayo Levantado Resort is a unique experience designed to be fully customizable. There are four Pathways to Well-being that combine activities with nutrition and can be alternated to create a singular and profound exploration and transformation of mind, body, and spirit. 


Leads us to energize and stimulate the body through high-impact exercises designed to activate blood flow and elevate our natural metabolism. High-intensity workouts and hot water spa treatments, when combined with more active experiences, make REFRESH the path for those looking to revitalize to the fullest. 

Within this pathway, you will find a nutrition session, boot camp, personal trainer, cocoa workshop, aeroyoga, breathwork, spa treatment, and a Reiki session. 




Invites you to replenish your vitality through a program of rehydration and restoration. Water plays a key role, allowing guests to embrace the natural environment, the organic healing aspects of the island, and its traditions. Along with special activities and nutrition that support this objective, the RESTORE pathway focuses on the restoration of the body and mind. 

Within this pathway, you will discover a nutrition session, boot camp, personal trainer, singing bowl session, tantra, aeroyoga, spa, fire ritual, workshops, Reiki, and Wimhof sessions. 




Encourages stress relief and the tensions brought on by everyday life. The activities in this program are geared towards slowing down the body and calming the mind, and the guidance in the thermal area will also help you relax. Classes with yoga experts, low-impact exercises, and meditation are combined with brain-soothing foods to make RELAX a pathway for guests who wish to elevate the sense of peace and expand their awareness. 

Within this pathway, you will find a nutrition session, personal trainer, spa, water bowls, bowl massage, Reiki, Yin-Yoga, smudging ceremony, cenote offering, Restorative Yoga, and a garden session. 




Offers the opportunity to cleanse our body through activities that promote detoxification and renewal. Achieving harmony between mind, body, and soul is the goal of this physically challenging program with a strong nutritional component. RENEW is the pathway for those seeking to restore their balance inside and out. 

Within this pathway, you will find a nutrition session, singing bowl relaxation, Hatha Yoga session, shamanic cleansing, voice meditation, chakra meditation, spa, tantra, personal trainer, astrology, and a mate ceremony. 



All elements here function continuously and integratively to transform any stay into a personal and transformative journey: 

The Personal Training Studio 

The personal training studio offers daily routines to revitalize and restore health and physical fitness. Personal trainers encourage, advise, and support guests in achieving their goals in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Outdoor box

The outdoor box focuses on achieving a high level of fitness with the best coaching equipment in a jungle-like environment like no other. Through industry-leading techniques, trainers guide guests through powerful cardiovascular and strength exercise series designed to activate the body, mind, and soul. 



The Pool

The pool, bathed in natural light, reflects the colors of the marine landscape, providing a highly stimulating atmosphere. Designed to blend with the surroundings, the pool and jacuzzis are seamlessly integrated into the lush vegetation, creating the feeling of a hidden oasis. The revitalizing waters, playful hanging hammocks, and custom-made chaise lounges invite us to engage in more relaxed and contemplative activities. 



Santa Yuca Slow Food Restaurant

The Santa Yuca Slow Food Restaurant invites guests to take their time at a table filled with fresh, sustainably sourced products, prepared with the slow and careful techniques of traditional culinary traditions. Santa Yuca serves breakfast, lunches, and healthy snacks by the pool, elevating the nutritional experience to one of the most remarkable forms of personal care at the resort. 



Taking a break at the spa is almost a must. There, harmony is cultivated. Massages with aromatic essences prepare your body for the more spiritual part of the journey. 



The Spa invites you to relax and revitalize in an environment inspired by the views, sounds, and scents of the island. The various programs, designed based on each wellness pathway, offer therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments for the skin, body, and hair, a beauty salon, thermal circuit, as well as a wide range of massages, treatments, and various personal wellness activities. 



The wellness experience at Cayo Levantado Resorts is the epitome of harmony for clients seeking a retreat on their vacations. With a holistic focus on physical, mental, and emotional well-being, our exclusive wellness programs offer an unparalleled opportunity to recharge and find inner balance.  

From sunrise yoga sessions on the white sandy beaches to relaxing spa treatments inspired by the island's lush nature, every aspect of this wellness experience has been carefully designed to nurture the body and soul.  

Invite your clients to immerse themselves in this wellness paradise and discover the positive transformation that only Cayo Levantado Resorts can provide. With us, they will enjoy a luxurious retreat that rejuvenates their spirit and leaves them with eternal memories of an unparalleled wellness experience. Do not wait any longer for a getaway that will nourish your well-being on all levels at Cayo Levantado Resorts!