What truly stands out in this Caribbean paradise is its exquisite gastronomy, combining the genuine tastes of Dominican cuisine with touches of innovation and sophistication.

The restaurants at Cayo Levantado Resort are a feast for the senses. From the moment you step into any of the six restaurants, you are transported to a world of exotic flavors and tantalizing aromas. Expert chefs strive to provide an exceptional dining experience, using fresh, local ingredients that capture the very essence of Dominican cuisine.

World-Class Cuisine Elevated to a Gastronomic Experience

The restaurants at Cayo Levantado Resort invite you to savor world-class cuisine infused with the spirit of the Caribbean. Inspired by the finest kitchens worldwide and with a strong emphasis on rich cultural traditions and the freshest local ingredients, the resort offers a wide range of culinary possibilities with a unique level of quality and creativity.

Palma Real

Named after the tallest and noblest palm tree in the Dominican Republic, Palma Real brings the vibrant market experience to the island. The restaurant is designed to foster a lively sense of community, arranged like a market where food is organized into visually distinct areas. It is an international cuisine restaurant.

In addition to a wide variety of Dominican specialties, Palma Real offers Italian pasta and pizzas, seafood, fresh fish including sushi, sashimi, and ceviches, and a wonderful selection of desserts from our French patisserie. Prepared in an open kitchen that showcases the skill and passion of our chefs, this "market" is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a relaxed and fresh atmosphere that combines exquisite global flavors with the rhythm of the local people.


During the day, Carey offers a relaxed atmosphere with a varied menu of lunches and snacks, and an appetizing selection of Mediterranean and Japanese specialties with a touch of innovation. As an invitation to enjoy until sunset, the restaurant also offers a smaller menu of snacks and refreshments. As night falls on the island, sophistication takes over Carey. The lighting, menu, table settings, and the daytime space transform, offering a high-level à la carte dining experience, with an excellent mixology proposal, both classic and signature.

Santa Yuca

The slow food experience restaurant. Santa Yuca proudly forms part of the Yubarta wellness area, emphasizing fresh and sustainable products, inviting diners to take their time to eat mindfully. The creative menu, offering breakfast, lunch, and healthy poolside snacks, is rich in local ingredients, many of which are grown in our organic garden. Designed by our team of chefs and mixologists and supervised by nutritionists, its culinary proposal seeks personal well-being while advocating for a healthy respect for the environment.


The Dominican cuisine restaurant. The entrance transports you to another world through a tunnel of vegetation that invites you to take flight. The space is inspired by the work of legendary Dominican poet Pedro Mir, referencing his work "Hay un país en el mundo," and takes diners on a surprising journey through local cuisine and culture where the delights of this fertile land are paired with exceptional wines used as guides to explore the island's history and traditions. Each space and environment take the diner through its geography and customs, creating a sensory experience like no other. Senda, the resort's most emblematic gastronomic experience, offers visitors a magnificent complement to the exceptional all-inclusive offer, providing local chefs with the opportunity to showcase their potential and passion for their land.


In the Dominican Republic, wood-fired meat is deeply rooted in tradition. At Manaya, we elevate this art to the highest level. The restaurant itself invites you to immerse yourself in the primal and ancestral side of our species. Stone, wood, and fire, natural materials, decorate an austere and elegant space where a viewpoint to the jungle emphasizes the idea of naturalness. You will find top-quality meats and cuts.


To the rhythm of Cayo Levantado's unique nature, the Beach Club Olah, which includes the pool with its bar and restaurant, pays homage to the peaceful and undulating waters of Samaná Bay. An idyllic place for relaxation and sharing, with a wide variety of options for enjoyment, entertainment, and dining.
Just steps from the sand, the Beach Club Olah's pool is one of the resort's highlights. With an infinity design, it harmoniously integrates with the beautiful beach surrounding it. Here guests can enjoy delicious water and sun baths, pleasant walks along the paths that traverse the well-kept tropical surroundings, and a gastronomic offer designed for every moment of the day (and night).

Each restaurant on the island invites you to enjoy traditional Dominican dishes, the finest meats, and classic dishes, all prepared with passion and authenticity. Every bite immerses you in the region's culinary culture and traditions, making you feel like a local.

Cayo Levantado Resort is the perfect place to satisfy culinary desires. Here you can savor a combination of fresh seafood, grilled meats, and a selection of exquisite sauces and side dishes. Each dish is a masterpiece reflecting the chefs' creativity and passion for high-quality food.

In addition to the main restaurants, the resort features cozy bars and cafes where you can enjoy delicious tropical cocktails, aromatic coffees, and a variety of snacks while relaxing on the beach or by the pool.

From the Garden to the Table

Cayo Levantado Resort's garden is a green treasure in the middle of the Caribbean paradise. Located on the island's fertile lands, behind the Santa Yuca restaurant, this sustainable garden is a shining example of the importance of consuming zero-kilometer products. Here, nature directly supplies the resort's kitchens, offering a variety of fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs harvested at their peak. By opting for local products, the resort not only ensures the freshness and quality of the ingredients but also supports local farmers and contributes to the community's economic development.

The authentic flavors and concentrated nutrients of the garden's produce are reflected in every exquisite dish served at the resort's restaurants, providing guests with an exceptional dining experience that celebrates sustainability and the connection to the land. Cayo Levantado's garden is more than a green corner; it is a commitment to the environment and a path to culinary excellence.

In conclusion, the gastronomy at Cayo Levantado Resort is an experience not to be missed. From authentic Dominican flavors to stunning views, each meal will be a moment of delight that perfectly complements your days of relaxation in this idyllic corner of the Caribbean.

Prepare to enjoy a unique culinary adventure in the enchanting company of Cayo Levantado!